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( May. 20th, 2007 12:58 pm)
The cake production is going well.... The white cakes are done. 1/2 of the sugar free whites are done. (Only half because we thought we were out of unsalted butter, but we found more. We'll probably finish them after the chocolates).

The german chocolates are under way. I really think this might actually only take as long as we thought it would. That would make this a first for the wedding.

We had a moment of panic yesterday as the pans we had (that plastic silicone stuff, not flexible, just weird) were warping, even though they're supposed to withstand much higher heat. We also decided we didn't have enough of them, as we could only make 8 little pieces (4 cakes) at a time.

So, I went wildly running around and bought some corningware 7oz ramekins, which are working brilliantly. Plus, we can make 17 pieces at a time, which is also stellar.

I'm pleased something is going well...


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