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2009-05-03 10:21 am

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Testing 1... 2... 3...

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2009-04-04 06:41 pm

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We've got gerbils!

Zee and Zed. :-p

They are very, very cute.

Milford thinks they are very, very edible...
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2009-02-14 10:14 pm

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So, for Valentine's day today we:

- Hardened our hearts. OK, OK - arteries. We had a fry-b-que and ate taster portions of like a million fried food experiments with our new fryer

- Watched the romantic epic "Resident Evil: Extinction"

Behold how awesome we are.
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2009-02-12 06:10 pm

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I can't wait for it to rain again!


Because Tristan got me a replacement for the umbrella that I lost on the train (and then some bastard stole because it was cute).

I'm now the proud owner of this and this!

I am having trouble deciding which one to use first!

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2009-02-01 10:48 pm

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Tristan has found possible the best movie of all time.

Nazi Zombies.

I don't think it gets any better than that.
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2008-12-25 11:25 pm

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Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have had as nice a day as me!


Present recap in the AM!
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2008-12-18 08:54 pm

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Forgot to say:

Saw Apocalyptica on Friday night (after previous aborted attempt). One of the best live shows I've seen.

We also were in a really great spot and it was just a nice time all around.

It, however, did not help dissuade me from believing that all Finnish men are Hot With Long Hair and Good Dress Sense (tm). Well, some of them. The others must secretly not be Finnish. Obviously.

Tomorrow we are off to see the Lost and Found Orchestra. Probably not Finnish.
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2008-12-13 03:09 pm

Flickr Mosaic

1. Answer each of the questions below using the Flickr Search engine.

2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favorite photo into this site:

4. Share!

The Rest Under Here )
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2008-11-30 10:18 pm

Yearly Roundup

OK, it is that time of year again...

Christmas cards!

Please comment here (screened) with your address if you would like the hope of my sending you a card (not that I wouldn't send you all cards, but because I am notoriously awful at Having Things Arrive On Time (tm)).
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2008-11-23 12:08 am

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Conversation tonight.

Me: If you don't have sockets in the bathrooms here, how do you charge electric toothbrushes?
Him: In the shaver socket.
Me: Oh.
Him: We use the shaver socket for other things too.
Me: Like what? (preparing to ask why it is called a shaver socket)
Him: Well, electric razors.
Me: (pause) Isn't that a shaver?
Him: (really long pause, gears working) Yes. Wow, I catch on well.
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2008-11-22 10:55 pm

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The bug has hit me.

I'm doing a 101 things in 1001 days project.

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2008-11-04 10:14 pm

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Must. Not. Stay. Up. To. Watch. Election. Results.

It is very weird to have my voting state be a fricking swing state!!!

Must remember I need to sleep at least a bit!
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2008-05-30 06:56 pm


I resigned from my job today.


(in other news, we are back from Prague and it was amazing - Happy Anniversary to us!)
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2008-05-23 06:30 pm

(Shockingly) Good Things

1) I passed my driving theory test. I got all 50 questions right, and passed OKish on the hazard perception bit. I was shocked I passed that bit, as I didn't understand the instructions in the slightest... so all in all, pleasant!

2) I managed to confuse Kingston and Richmond in my brain, and did not buy a 5-6 extension to my travelcard. The guard at the gate let me go through and buy the extension, and did not give me a penalty fare.

3) I had the world's worst map for walking from station to test centre - there were no street names on it! I had to guess where I was going the entire time, which really stressed me out. Anyone who has seen me try to navigate even when I have all the road names might understand. I still managed to end up at the test centre at the required time.

4) I have the house to myself and there is pizza on the way.
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2008-05-10 06:11 pm
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I have just done 5 hours of hard labor in the yard.

We have shifted 5 tons of dirt, weeded, pruned a huge bush, and clipped the tulips.

We both have blisters and can barely move.

And we're not done! We have another ton of dirt to spread, then we need to tramp it down, then rake it to furrow it, then spread seed, then water it well (with grass food).


I don't know when we're going to do this, as I suspect we won't be able to move tomorrow!
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2008-05-09 08:20 pm

(no subject)

Is anyone running for the LJ Advisory Board, or know anyone who is?
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2008-05-06 10:26 pm

(no subject)

My very shiny NIN CDpackage came tonight.

It is awesome.

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2008-05-03 01:20 pm

(no subject)

My (very expensive) copy of Ghosts is winging it's way towards me!


Or, more accurately, to Tristan's office... and they have left half the address off on the shipping page...

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2008-04-27 02:38 pm

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I don't think I'd have the courage to be a book or a borrower, but this is such a neat idea!