We've got gerbils!

Zee and Zed. :-p

They are very, very cute.

Milford thinks they are very, very edible...
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From: [identity profile] choptliver.livejournal.com

What species is Milford?

And... do not invite Richard Gere over. Or if you must, hide the gerbils. And if you can't hide them ... get photos.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. :-)

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Oh, he's our cat. Hence why the gerbils are the most fascinating thing ever. :-p

I actually had to google this! I'd not ever realized that that legend was attributed to him!

I wish I was hobnobbing with Richard Gere...
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From: [identity profile] choptliver.livejournal.com

Name your next pair Richard and Gere. Then the next ones Pretty and Woman. Then Felch and Fist. And then... oh I'll stop!

I know it's all urban myth anyway. I'm just being silly. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

And congratulations on the new lives at your home. :-D

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Ha ha ha... That's terrible. :-p We've got the idea in our head to name them all the same word... but things that are pronounced differently by the two of us. :-p

Your icon is adorable...

Thanks. :) They're pretty fabulous. :)

From: [identity profile] babydreams2004.livejournal.com

Of course they are cute. They're /YOURS/. I doubt you would allow less!
Also, cute names... American English vs. "We were here first blah blah blah" English. ;)

From: [identity profile] bloodofareptile.livejournal.com

Ha ha... true. But gerbils are pretty cute by nature, so it's hard to find bad ones. :)

Yeah, we were being silly before we got them and saying that we could name them in letter pairs (a and b for the first ones). Then one of us said something about how we'd be in trouble when we got to the end of the alphabet.

This is now our naming scheme for all future gerbils. :-p

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brilliant names, i approve. my parents had a terrible time trying to get me to say "zed" because i loved watching sesame street. also, my favourite character was "asker" the grouch :)

From: [identity profile] bloodofareptile.livejournal.com

This might or might not be a common argument in our house. :-p


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