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I resigned from my job today.


(in other news, we are back from Prague and it was amazing - Happy Anniversary to us!)

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lawks a lordy that is a brave step, I know you ahven;t been happy for ages, hope everything gets better and congrats to you and Tristan

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I've been offered another job, which I've taken. It was quite a tough decision, I really love the office I work in and the team I manage, but the organization as a whole (ie the national office) is really not ideal. It has been a tough couple of months, and you're right that I have not been happy!

I hope this was the right choice!

Thanks! :)

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eee! have you found another job then, or are you just going for it? and happy anniversary :D

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I've got another job! I don't think I'd have it in me just to quit. :-p

Thank you. :)

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Feel free!

The journal has been quite empty aside from the sporadic "job situation is awful" posts though.

Will friend you back, if that's fine with you! :)


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