1) I passed my driving theory test. I got all 50 questions right, and passed OKish on the hazard perception bit. I was shocked I passed that bit, as I didn't understand the instructions in the slightest... so all in all, pleasant!

2) I managed to confuse Kingston and Richmond in my brain, and did not buy a 5-6 extension to my travelcard. The guard at the gate let me go through and buy the extension, and did not give me a penalty fare.

3) I had the world's worst map for walking from station to test centre - there were no street names on it! I had to guess where I was going the entire time, which really stressed me out. Anyone who has seen me try to navigate even when I have all the road names might understand. I still managed to end up at the test centre at the required time.

4) I have the house to myself and there is pizza on the way.


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